Torch Grove RV Campground

-The Closest RV Camping to Torch Lake


Do I get to choose my site? No, however, you are more than welcome to make a request for site #, type, area, etc.  We do not guarantee that we will meet all requests, but we work very hard to please you.

Why is my site request not guaranteed? We cannot guarantee site numbers or types simply because we need to retain the ability to move reservations around in order to fill to capacity, while still trying to meet EVERYONE'S request. 

I see check-in/check-out time is 12:00pm.  Can I come early/stay later? We are happy to accommodate early check-ins, as long as the site is already vacated by the previous tenant.  However, please be mindful to the fact that the site may be occupied by a previous tenant until 12:00pm.  Arriving early does not get you a "better site".  Late departures are welcome if available, We offer a convience of 2 hrs then at a rate of $5.00 per hour past 2:00pm. If you are interested in an early check-in or late departure, please inquire with the office.

Can we bring our own firewood? We do allow outside firewood to be brought in, as long as it does not come from a quarantined area.  Please check with your local officials to find out if your location is considered quarantined.  We do ask that you refrain from transporting ash wood.  If you do not wish to bring your own firewood, it can be purchased at the office.

What is the best way to make a reservation? The best way to inquire about a reservation is by phone and please leave a message if we don’t answer also email. Multiple or back to back phone calls will not get your call through, if we are unable to answer then we are unable to answer and will get back to you as soon as we can.

How long does it take to hear back? We receive an extraordinary amount of inquiries for a very limited number of sites, sometimes it may take a day or two, or even longer to get back to you.

What is your Pet Policy? Pets are welcome with RV ONLY RESERVATIONS sorry PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED WITH TENT CAMPING. Pets MUST NOT be left unattended at the campsite, must be cleaned up after immediately, and leashed at all times when outside.

The Availability says “RV Only” what is considered a RV? A RV is any recreational vehicle the camp in other than a tent. Examples include, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Pop-up, 5th wheel, Truck Camper...



Wi-Fi        Wi-Fi Password is Given at Check in It is also available at the office or call Torch Grove for password

PARKING      ONE VEHICLE in addition to the camping unit is allowed per site. Do not park on patios. Additional registered vehicles must be parked in designated area.

VISITORS   Must park in designated area. Are not allowed to use park facilities without management approval. Restrooms and showers are provided for paying registered guest only.

GENERATORS     Do not run gas powered generator in campground

CHILDREN   For their safety, children are not allowed to play in drive area around other camp units, restrooms, other buildings or boats. Children must limit their play to the playground area or their family campsite. CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED IN RESTROOMS.

QUIET HOURS  Start at 11:00 pm. to 8:00 a.m. Visitors are requested to depart by 10:30 p.m. Please respect others and keep noise levels to an acceptable level.

GARBAGE     Keep your campsite clean and tidy at all times. Garbage must be placed in tied bags and put directly in dumpster located near the dump station exiting the park. Not in restroom garbage. DO NOT BURN GARBAGE and DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE OUT OVER NIGHT.

PETS            Sorry Tent Campers are not allowed to bring their pets. For RVer’s Pets are welcome and must be KEPT ON A LEASH. However, not all guests are animal lovers, so please keep your pet quiet. Never leave your pet unattended and IMMEDIATELY CLEAN UP AFTER. No pets in the office, playgrounds, or restrooms except for required assistance pets.

CAMPFIRES Are allowed at campsites using fire rings. Fires should not be allowed to damage trees, left unattended, or be a nuisance to other campers or they will be extinguished. Firewood must be purchased

DUMP STATION  Located near exit. Waste water is not allowed to reach the ground. Empty in appropriate     container and take to station for emptying

SPEED LIMIT    In the park is DEAD SLOW! NO DUST! All vehicles must maintain an acceptable noise level to and from campsite. When entering and exiting the park 5 MPH. NO DUST!

FACILITIES    Restrooms and Showers are provided for the CONVENIENCE of registered guests only and must be KEPT CLEAN. No washing dishes, laundry, or shoes in the bathrooms. NO Smoking in any building

SAFETY        For the safety of everyone, firearms and fireworks of ANY NATURE are strictly prohibited.

MESSAGES      Any emergency message will be delivered to your campsite. All others will be posted in office.

RESERVATIONS    Are suggested. On holiday weekends, a 3 day stay must be guaranteed. Deposits may be required for monthly reservations.

OFFICE HOURS     Are posted on office

CHECK OUT TIME    12:00 p.m. Late Checkout may be available upon request. After 5:00pm you are obligated to pay for another nights stay

RE-REGISTRATION TIME      Before 10:30 a.m.

Thank you for visiting torchgrove.com, unfortunately for the 2023 season we will not be accepting general reservations from July1 - August 15 until further notice. Here is why:

We are a small campground with 54 campsites with most of these sites being full time seasonal campers with only 7 transient sites. We understand this is a great area that has gained lots of recognition the last few years. Due to the overwhelming amount of request the last few years we are limiting transients to seasonal friends and family and a few long time customers.

We have listed other options below but for those of you wondering, there are no campgrounds on torch lake, there are no "public beaches", there are swim areas and small parks. We have listed all of the local options below to further help your search. We also own Honcho Rest, it is a similar set up but a bigger park and we are accepting reservations there, they is a one week min stay during July and August.

This is a trial run with this set up for this year and if we have vacancies once summer is here we will fill them. However, if that happens it is going to be on about a 2 week notice.

Seasonal camping is very popular and we do have a waiting list to get in the park. It usually takes at least a few years.

Some other local campgrounds to try for RV:

Honcho Rest Campground
Chain O Lakes Campground
Rapid River Campground
White Water Township Park
Barnes Park

Tent Camping options:

Chain O Lakes Campground
Rapid River Campground
White Water Township Park
Barnes Park